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PTS Medicals

As a RISQS approved organisation Hybrid Medical are proud of their team of testing staff who are fully qualified collecting officers able to carry out drug & alcohol testing for all UK Rail Industry workers. These tests can be carried out at the workplace or via prior appointment at any one of our 50 testing sites.

The Importance of PTS Medicals

Ensuring your workforce are compliant with industry standards is paramount. Especially for those who work in safety critical roles performed in high risk environments such as utilities, rail or construction industries, to name but a few.  In all the aforementioned, such examinations is for some, mandatory. 

Further benefits of testing and ensuring that employees are fit & healthy, is that it reduces the likelihood of work-related illnesses or potential injury. There are many different tests that might be carried out, dependant on the requirement of the medical and the industry in question. Hybrid Medical are able to carry out Workplace Medicals onsite, or at any one our nationwide testing centres.

To summarise:

  • Regular medicals keep you informed as to the health of your workforce.
  • By taking part you are keeping compliant with legislation and industry standards.
  • Regular Drug & Alcohol testing is usually carried out either independently or in conjunction with medicals.
  • Drug & Alcohol abuse in the workplace is a problem, particularly as it is in direct contravention to legislation and industry standards, it can also affect the safety of colleagues and the wider public.
  • Hybrid Medical provide a complete service for pre-employment, ‘For Cause’, periodic and random screening at the workplace.
  • We carry out drug & alcohol tests for anyone working for Network Rail. Results are submitted to Sentinel.
  • We offer random & periodic testing for contractors and organisations alike. Clients can also book for a pre-employment/pre-sponsor screening, particularly suited to candidates who have changed sponsor of their previous test had exceeded the 3 month limit. 
  • We are required to test for the presence of the following drug groups:

    • Alcohol 
    • Amphetamines 
    • Barbiturates 
    • Benzodiazepines 
    • Cannabis 
    • Cocaine 
    • Ketamine 
    • LSD 
    • Methadone 
    • Opiates 
    • Propoxyphene & MDMA

Preparing for a PTS Medical

Workers are required to bring the following to any appointment they have with us:

Other recommendations for candidates:

What to expect during a PTS Medical Test?

Upon arrival, the candidate will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire. Dependent on their answers, they will have to carry out some if not all of the following tests 

After your tests are completed, the candidate could receive general advice about lifestyle choices. We might also request further information from your Doctor.

It should be noted that as part of a PTS Medical procedure it is normal to undergo a Drug & alcohol screen at the same time.

When are PTS Medical results made available?

After assessing the results of the candidates medical, any samples are sent off to a lab to be tested. During which time, if required we may contact their Doctor for further information. Once we have all the information we need and have the results back from the lab, we upload those results to Sentinel. We also inform the candidate by email and telephone.

At every stage of the medical, we make sure we adhere fully to Network Rail’s standards and procedures. 

Our Service Costs

There are multiple factors that affect our costs, but we try to remain competitive on price without compromising the level of service we deliver. 

PTS Medical

£ 90
per candidate
  • 10% Discount for 5+ candidates
  • 20% Discount for 10+ candidates

PTS Medical + D&A Screen

£ 150
per candidate
  • 10% Discount for 5+ candidates
  • 20% Discount for 10+ candidates